2018 Great Plains NP1540LL

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40' Model for NH3 and Liquid Application

Nutri-Pro® Liquid models are available in 15" or 30" row spacings (depending on the model) and feature a single row of our rugged Vantage 1 Fertilizer Coulters. They are available with either a hydraulically-driven pump for variable-rate application or a ground-driven piston pump for set rates, and optional row cleaners.

Nutri-Pro® Anhydrous models feature either high-speed coulters (available in 15" or 20" row spacings) or spring-reset shanks (available in 30" row spacings), depending on the model, and a choice of single or double Raven® Super Coolers. Units can be set up for single-rate application. Choose from double disc or spider wheel closers. A cushioned rear hitch is also available to pull a tank, if desired.

  • Vantage I Fertilizer Coulter (LL Models): Heavy-duty swivel casting and spring assembly; 480 pounds of pre-load.
  • Super Cooler (AA Models): Single or double super coolers are available, depending on the rate of "N" required, the temperature, and ground speed.
  • NH3 Nutri-Pro Spring-Reset Shanks: Springs reset shanks when tripped.
  • Flow-Control Valves: Worm gear flow-control valves on liquid models allow high volume flow and the ability to shut sections off. These state-of-the-art shutoff valves are faster and more reliable.
  • Distributor Towers (AA Models): The stainless steel manifold ensures that the same amount of NH3 is given to each row. All hoses are the same length.
  • Cushioned Rear Hitch (Optional): A cushioned rear hitch is available to absorb shock loads when pulling large liquid or anhydrous tanks. It can also be released to allow for easier alignment and hookup.
  • NH3 Nutri-Pro High-Speed Anhydrous Coulter: The new Anhydrous Coulter option revolutionizes the application of anhydrous ammonia with a 22" anhydrous coulter blade for precise, high-speed anhydrous placement. With the ability to apply and seal anhydrous ammonia up to 6" deep at a speed of 8 miles per hour, the Anhydrous Coulter provides unmatched speed and productivity with minimal loss and maximum efficiency. Spider sealers tightly lock nutrients in the ground, allowing virtually no gas to escape. Minimal ground disturbance allows anhydrous fertilizer application closer to planting, preventing nutrient loss to leeching and denitrification. In contrast to rigid shank machines, the anhydrous coulter provides excellent stability and maneuverability in high-residue field conditions. Available in 30- and 20-inch row spacings.
  • Model Info: Nutri-Pro® Liquid
  • Model: NP1540LL
  • Row Spacings: 30"
  • Row Count: 16, 17
  • Drawbar H.P. Req. (Min): 180-225+
  • Weight (Approx. Max): 12,000 lbs
  • Tillage Width: 40' to 42'6"
  • Width (Transport): 16'
  • Height (Transport): 12'6"
*Available with NH3 Coulters



12,000 lb.

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